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SolaMist System for Installers

SolaMist Product

Green Pest Pros in partnership with Remington Solar is proud to introduce a new Mosquito misting installation system and platform.

SolaMist is a solar-powered device perfect for residential backyards, pool areas, and gardens.  SolaMist qualifies for the Federal tax rebate and customers can get a 30% credit on their taxes for purchase and installation of the system.

Green Pest Pros is engineering a new SolaMist platform to streamline the installation and management portal for professionals and independent installers.

SolaMist Installer Acceptance

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Eco-Trained Technicians

Our friendly and professional technicians and engineers are trained specifically in environmentally safe practices to eliminate pest activity.  We are fully licensed and insured.


Excellent Customer Service

One of the most important considerations in making your home pest safe is protecting your family from harmful chemicals. When you research pest control companies, are the products being used important to you? 

Eco-Friendly Products

Do you know what products your pest control company is using?  At Green Pest Pros, we believe you should have a clear understanding of the all-natural products we use to treat your yard and home.  

All-Natural Solutions, Satisfaction Guaranteed

What Our Customers Say

We had a wonderful experience with Green Pest Pros. They were extremely knowledgable, professional, and offered great insight into determining the best route to take for protecting our home from those multi-legged critters. We LOVE that they offer safe, natural solutions that do not cause health harm 🙂

- Alyssa M.

We noticed there were Fire Ants in our backyard and creating nests near the flower areas.  We have 2 cats that enjoy sleeping and playing in the backyard, so we were concerned that they would get sick if we used toxic chemicals.  We called up the Green Pest Pro team and they sprayed the back area.  We haven’t seen a Fire Ant since the spraying 3 months ago.  Thanks!

- Tracy L.

Overall a great experience at a great price. Glenn did a great job spraying the yard and explaining some problems areas in my yard. Look forward to our monthly service.

- Ivy H.
- Julie D.