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Pest Control For Your Home

We understand that there is a lot more to being a homeowner than just providing shelter for your family.  Your home provides comfort and happiness for the things you value the most – your family, friends, and pets.  

Pests can take that comfort and happiness away, be it playing in your yard or hosting friends for dinner. Protecting your family, pets and friends shouldn’t be done with potentially harmful chemicals.  That is just replacing one problem with another.

By not using harmful pesticides, our all-natural products are safe for the things you care about most:

  • your family,
  • your pets,
  • your property, and
  • community.
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What Our Customers Say

We noticed there were Ants in our backyard and creating nests near the deck areas.  We have 2 cats that enjoy sleeping and playing in the backyard, so we were concerned that they would get sick if we used toxic chemicals.  We called up the Green Pest Pro team and they sprayed the back area.  We haven’t seen an Ant since the spraying 3 months ago.  Thanks!

Tracy Z.

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