Earth Day & Our Launch

Happy Earth Day!

50 years of official celebration, a lifetime of keeping our planet green.

In honor of Earth Day, we’re announcing the launch of our e-commerce store, home to all-natural products for your family, pets and community. 

We’ve learned a lot servicing our customers over the past few years. Among the lessons, we’ve heard countless times that finding all-natural pesticide products is difficult, especially online, where ingredients are unknown and trust is low. 

We decided to tackle the issue by offering the same products we service with (and use in our own homes!) at convenient prices and for a wide range of uses. By launching the all-natural products online, with support from partners like Tick Warriors and Floris Naturals, we hope to build a community of green consumers who are making positive impacts in their community and around the world. 

Because the products we distribute are sourced locally, we’re aware of each and every ingredient that goes into making them. Check out our ingredients list to see how we use compounds found in wild tomato plants, tree bark and more to fight off illnesses caused by ticks and mosquitoes. Additionally, the natural compounds found in our products don’t cause harm to beneficials bugs like bees and beetles. They also don’t cause unwanted damage to waterways and fish.

Every bottle goes towards keeping the planet happy and healthy, and mitigates against dangerous pests like ticks and mosquitoes.

We hope to continue fighting for a green planet and protect what’s most valuable, naturally.


Green Pest Pros

Eric, Glenn and Matt

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