As Spring Approaches, Protect Your Pets

protect your pets

With warmer weather approaching, harmful pests like ticks and mosquitos will emanate from their respective breeding grounds and begin to prey on humans and animals alike. These pests are found throughout the United States, with higher populations wreaking havoc in places like Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina and more. With warmer temperatures and wetter conditions in many parts of the country, populations are increasing in size. Learn how to protect yourself and your pets this upcoming spring.


There are many species of tick that carry disease that is both harmful to humans and pets - Rock Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease being the main culprits. Additionally, we’ve seen higher rates of mosquito-related diseases like West Nile Virus and the Yellow Fever pop up. With any pest, it's important to know how to protect yourself as the warm seasons approach. 

At Green Pest Pros, we work with top entomologists and eco partners like Tick Warriors and Floris Naturals to provide safe and effective pest control against ticks and mosquitos. 


The products we distribute provide effective protection against tick bites and tick-borne diseases, as well as mosquito bites and diseases. The natural chemicals in the products we sell do not harm helpful bugs in the environment like spiders, beetles, etc. Even when washed downstream into rivers and lakes, they won’t negatively affect fish populations. They are safe for people, pets, property, livestock and the environment.


Because cats and dogs use their noses to explore their environments, these chemicals can easily end up being inhaled, absorbed or ingested by your family’s fur baby. However, products like Floris Naturals Flea & Tick Spray or PetFresh for Dogs (Insect Repellent) don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Their main ingredients use a combination of natural oils and herbs and can even be used for anti-fungal and itch relief purposes. In fact, our pest control treatments do not specifically affect pets like most other pest control chemicals. It’s why we even treat our own cats with them!


When pre-treated with our products, your cat or dog will be ready to roam the beautiful outdoors without worry of tick or mosquito bites. Don’t let the fear of pests put you in a bad mood all spring and summer. Protect your pets with all-natural solutions instead!

Check out our pest control for pets here: Pet Care

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