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All-Natural Solutions, Results Guaranteed

How We Do Business

Our company specializes in exterior solutions and integrated management plans that solve your insect issues. We can tailor a plan for your specific requirements that addresses many common insect problems.  If you are concerned with ticks, mosquitos, chiggers, cockroaches, among other pests, we are your safe, all-natural and eco-friendly solution.  

We will focus on the outside, which will solve your problems inside using an integrated management plan.  

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Customer Testimonials

We noticed there were Fire Ants in our backyard and creating nests near the flower areas.  We have 2 cats that enjoy sleeping and playing in the backyard, so we were concerned that they would get sick if we used toxic chemicals.  We called up the Green Pest Pro team and they sprayed the back area.  We haven’t seen a Fire Ant since the spraying 3 months ago.  Thanks!